Artist Focus - Ninna Lebrilla & Yuri Tan

For the second iteration of Artist Focus, we feature artists Ninna Lebrilla and Yuri Tan. you may visit their physical exhibit in TeaHouse. Aside from their exhibit, Ninna and Yuri will also have a series of Instagram takeovers at @jacobswellchai every weekend, during the duration of their feature.

Ninna’s posters are an exercise in confronting her joys, fears, and other intimate parts of her life—almost like a diary. The otherworldly themes are reflections of fantastical places she’s dreamt of in her early years. These are met with her present-day reflections on her reality and allow her to be vulnerable.

Yuri’s series entitled rainy days in june is a set of cyanotypes that hope to emulate the changing of the season from dry to rainy. The process of creating the series also served as a space for Yuri to meditate on personal experiences that occurred in the months before.

The two artists come together in Replicate Botanicals—an ode to their fondness for flowers. They share a common practice of drying and pressing flowers in attempts to preserving their beauty. Ninna then proceeds to illustrate the blooms and Yuri compiles Ninna’s illustrations with their own pressed flowers to create cyanotypes that reproduce the comforting, composed kind of joy that the artists feel when working with botanicals.


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