Jacob's Well Chai 1 Liter - Vegan (Unsweetened)
Jacob's Well Chai 1 Liter - Vegan (Unsweetened)
Jacob's Well Chai 1 Liter - Vegan (Unsweetened)

Jacob's Well Chai 1 Liter - Vegan (Unsweetened)

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Just like many small businesses, one of our early strategies was to join as many bazaars as we can potentially afford (which is not a lot). Partly budget constrained, we also had to man them personally. Bazaars are tiring and can be morally deflating but they gave us so many insights.  I remember in one of those bazaars, we didn't sell a cup or a bottle because the formulation contains sweetener. Little did we realize that some vegans shun away from sweeteners, too.  Frustrated, but not defeated, the unsweetened/vegan version was born. It is now the darling of vegans, diabetics, and healthy food groceries.

Hand-blended and micro-brewed to ensure freshness. No artificial preservatives added. Made from whole spices (cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, peppercorn, ginger, star anise), and Assam tea.

Shelf life: 24mos. (refrigerate upon opening)

Calories per serving: 7

Serving: Aprrox. 25-30 servings.

Instructions: Masala Chai Latte (hot/cold)

-Dose 30-50mL of Jacob's Well Chai Concentrate

-Mix with 150-200mL steamed milk or soy for hot chai latte; 

-Mix with 150-200mL frothed milk or soy for iced chai latte; 

-sit back, sip, and nurture the inner child


-Store in a cool dry place

-Keep away from direct sunlight

-Refrigerate upon opening

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Customer Reviews

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Really good!

Very high quality chai, and I like the fact that there is an unsweetened option because I prefer to not add sugar to my drinks. Thank you! Will order again!

Mica Ang

Jacob's Well Chai 1 Liter - Unsweetened Version (Vegan)

Jacob’s Well Chai (Unsweetened)

A great concentrate of chai! You taste every spice and you can even add your own sweetener to adjust the sweetness. :) Very good paired with cold soy milk. Such a calming drink to slow down with.

Timmy dela Cruz
A convenient find!

It's my first time to try Chai in the form of a liquid concentrate and so far, aside from the recommended steamed milk drink, I've also mixed it into my breakfast yogurt and my coffee! A bottle will go a long way.