Dear, Chai Lover!

We've said this before and we'll say it again (and again), THANK YOU!

We don't know where we will be right now if it wasn't for your continued support. Since words can not express how thankful we are, we came up with a Dear, Chai Lover rewards system and we're hoping you'd accept this little offering of ours.

For every online order from June 8 to July 30, 2020. We will be sending you a Dear, Chai Lover card with the corresponding stickers as points based on ordered item. 

Here's the breakdown of the rewards:

Get 1 exclusive "Made with Love" T-shirt upon collecting 5 stickers.

1 Pack Sticky Masala Chai & 1 Pack Oolong Tea on your 7th sticker.

3 Packs Loose Leaf Tea (1 Jasmine, 1 Oolong, & 1 Green Tea) on your 9th sticker.

And 1,000mL Fruit Tea (Honey Peach) & 1 Pack Sticky Masala Chai on your 12th sticker.

Mechanics as follows:

1. Tag/ Mention us via Instagram using #jacobswellchailovers to signify and validate your participation (this also helps us keep track of your rewards)

2. Points equivalent per item ordered:

    1 Jacob's Well Chai 1,000mL (any variant) = 2 stickers

    1  Pack Sticky Masala Chai 120g = 1 sticker

    1 Masala Chai 250mL (any variant) = 1 sticker

    1 Fruit Tea 1,000mL (any variant) = 1 sticker

3. Stickers collected are non-transferrable

4. Direct message us (Instagram) for redemption or email with the subject: Dear, Chai Lover - Redemption

5. Redemption and collecting of stickers are valid until November 2020 only

7. Stickers are limited to direct purchases from only

Thanks again very much, and though we know that this is not enough for the encouragement and support you have for us, we hope this puts a smile.

-ralph & wenj & athena