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Spiced Chai Cola

In just 3 ingredients, you can beat the summer heat!  The heat couldn't been more felt lately. And even with the scattered and occasional rain shower, things can only get uglier. Sudden changes in weather always casts a bad spell for me. However, what if you can combine immune boosting and to something refreshing? Well, that's what Jacob's Well Spiced Chai Cola is. Because Jacob's Well Chai is made of whole spices, it is rich with anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants, now charge it up with some carbonated water and you get a cola-like super drink! It's sooo easy! Ingredients: 1 part Jacob's Well Chai (Original or Spiced Vanilla Variant) 3 parts Tonic/Carbonated Water (Perrier or Schweppes Tonic Water) Ice Directions: Fill glass...

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Chai Old Fashioned

*This is an adapted recipe originally of Tieghan Gerard of (check them out for more interesting vegan recipes) Ingredients: -1oz. Bourbon-1/4oz. lemon juice-Dash of bitters (orange or Angostura)-1.5oz. of Jacob's Well Chai (original blend, or spiced vanilla) -Soda water/ Tonic water Instructions: 1. Using a cocktail shaker combine, bourbon, lemon juice, Jacob's Well Chai and bitters 2. Shake with ice to combine 3. In a chilled cocktail glass with ice, pour old fashioned 4. Top with soda and garnish with star anise, and cinnamon

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Coconut Iced Chai Latte

*Vegan Ingredients: -200mL Coconut milk -1.5oz. Jacob's Well Chai Concentrate (original blend/unsweetened) -Cinnamon powder (garnish) Instructions: 1. Combine coconut milk and chai in a steaming pitcher 2. Steam lightly to froth 3. Fill glass with ice, and pour chai latte 4. Garnish with cinnamon powder on top **Ralph's "pro" tip on how to achieve the layering same as photo: Leave 1/4 space on top of the glass after pouring the chai. Top with unsteamed coconut milk just before garnishing with cinnamon.  Enjoy!

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