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About Us

Born out of our love for our dad, we have been brewing our signature masala chai since 2016.

My sister and I used to run our own 3rd wave coffee shop where our dad will frequently go to. It was all well and good, almost perfect, except for one thing, we couldn't get him to appreciate what we were doing behind bar since coffee doesn't sit well with him. Almost instantly, we both knew we had to find "his drink" which will eventually become Jacob's Well Chai. It wasn't even on the menu at first, but with a more than healthy dose of encouragement, we started supplying some of our friends' coffee shops.

Jacob's Well Chai is now being enjoyed in various independent and specialty coffee shop chains nationwide. From our signature chai made from whole spices, we have now become a full-blown artisanal food supply ensuring that we first enjoy the products we're serving. Short of saying dad approved! 

Should you have any requirements of the following products (below) in bulk, please feel free to contact us directly thru ralph@jacobswellchai.com

-Masala Chai

-Loose-leaf Tea

-High-grade Matcha

-Raw Nuts and Dried Fruits

-Beverage Menu Consultancy

Experience Jacob's Well Chai hospitality at 84 Sct. Fernandez, Tomas Morato QC! We'd love to know you better!