ECQ S3: Are You Feeling Sad & Anxious, Too?


And just like that, another round of ECQ (season 3).

I'm not sure about you but something about knowing it's ECQ again makes me sad and anxious. I've been trying to identify why and here's what i've come up with:

1. Running Jacob's Well as a business. It's so tricky and demotivating to make plans when things are this uncertain. It's also frustrating to be reminded almost frequently how it's really often fixing the plane while flying it at the same time. But hey, i signed up for this. But then again, this doesn't exempt me.

 2. As a person who advocates slowing down. In essence, ECQ is technically slowing down but is also not. To me, slowing down is never  bumming around. But is something very much goal-oriented. I slow down so i can play longer, stay sane, bounce back, and re-launch. But ECQ is so far remove from that. Honestly, i don't get what it's trying to achieve except to curb people's going out (at the most). Or there's something about it i'm just not seeing.  

So, well, i'm sorry if this blog post seems like a rant. But, hey, we all need to vent out. And this is probably the message i want to send across: don't keep it all to yourself. 

I'm here, too! Drinking tea helps, too!

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