From Our Little Family, Merry Christmas!

Was your 2021 fast or slow? Or just the same?
I recently saw Netflix's Explained Series' Time. The episode talked about the effect of the pandemic when viewing time, was it faster, slower, or just the same. According to them as in everything else, time flies when you're having fun and time drags when you're bored. While time really flew fast for us at Jacob's Well, I don't want to be insensitive to say that we are having actually having so much fun while some parts of the world are suffering. But looking back, it went by really fast for us. Almost too busy to realise it's already December. 
This year we moved our operations to a retail/commercial space and have finally tried expanding the team. It entailed several reworks and crafting of some new ways of working. It's sort of a pre-foundational year for us, no new product introduction but focused on reinforcing the current line-up.
Through it all, it reminded me how growth is actually omnidirectional. It's not just only limited to moving a forward sometimes. On the other hand, this is also me reminding myself to see how stepping back is also a form of growth and a means to fortify one's self. At the same time, we also can't be forever stepping back. In the end, i believe the ever elusive and illusive balance is still the way.
Personally, i would like to thank you all for your continuous support. The operational rework sometimes led us to accumulate backlogs and delays, so thank you so much for understanding. In a lot of ways, i consider you all (our dear patrons), to be part of our little "team". Your understanding, encouragement, and support of us serves as a great reminder for us to keep delivering one lovingly crafted product at a time. Cliche, but really if not for all of you, we wouldn't be here today. So again, thank you very much! And advance Merry Christmas from all of us at Jacob's Well Chai!
P.S. In the photo is the rag tag team of Jacob's Well Chai, and you (insert yourself in the photo). :) 
Thanks again and Merry Christmas! See you 2022!