Home Base Gone

It is with a sad heart that the home base we recently just announced is now gone. To make the long story short, the lease of the original proprietor (Kendo Creative) was no longer renewed by the Cubao Expo admin. You may check the full story here 


Yes, we're sad and regretful as Jacob's Well but we choose to focus on the blessedness side of it. Here are a few reasons.

For one, we find it an honor to be invited by people who put so much value in their home (community) and take part in it. In a very short span of time, we found ourselves surrounded by artists whom we probably wouldn't have met on our own, much more to serve them our chai and our experimental milk tea. It was nice to experience the area that way despite how most Cubao Expo originals claim the spot to be already losing its sparkle. For me and my sister who are both not really immersed in the art and street culture, it was still awesome.

Another reason was that as we asked and waited for the decision from the Cubao management to conveniently turn the place over to us, the amount of encouragement we got just overflows. Even with Kendo's regulars of whom in a very short time also became our regulars rooted for us, praying with us that we get to keep the space and somehow believed we can keep the magic alive (which is a very big shoe to fill). It was super. 

It's true how one can feel regretful after putting so much effort, building, and redesigning the place to have it only for something close to a month. At some point i could also feel betrayed by Kayo who brought us into that "mess", but no. Despite of it all, i know that the next time he asks if he can call to make whatever again, i'd say let's do it. While obviously, this post is from our perspective (Jacob's Well Artisanal Food), the truth of the matter is it's very much an ode to Kendo. We are only but witnesses to the beauty Kayo and Nica built over that 72sqm space. We are so blessed to take part in the song they've been gracefully dancing to even if it was just 3 or 4 weeks and i'm sure everyone who's been involved with Kendo feels the same. To Ynna, Miggy, Alexis, Tony, Charlie Jajarbinks, Dior, Markus, Belle, Saint Kristine, Micky, Josh, Summer, Emma, Jo, JD, Wilson, Nino, Anton, Bombachits, Kayo, and Nica, you guys are beyond words amazing! Thank you for making us feel like home.

As for me and Wenj, well, we'll see where our feet takes us next. See you around!