How Have You Been Reconnecting?

According to most articles lately, aside from home workouts, reconnecting with friends and relatives, largely through the internet, is one of the best things you can do during this quarantine season. To some extent of course, reconnecting with yourself, too. While i completely agree and largely advocates the thought, i confess that i haven't been really doing that in as much as i think i should. 
Just an update, online orders, and orders from some healthy food groceries have been keeping us really occupied. Logistics have been somewhat tough that we even had the chance to make some, if not most, deliveries ourselves. But clearly, it’s something we’re extremely thankful for.
Back to reconnecting, it actually dawned on me how in some other ways, we were also actually “reconnecting”. One is through email correspondences with you chai lovers. Case in point,
“Hi there! Thank you so much for your orders and acknowledging receipt of your payment...Your orders are expected to arrive by..…Hope you like our chai! Stay safe and healthy!”, as most of you would have already been very familiar with. All the while, receiving something like this from your end,
“Hi! Can’t wait!”
Yes. It’s really as short as that sometimes, but really sweet. And we can’t tell you enough how much it means to us.
So having limited most of our social activities via email and sanitised handover deliveries, i’d say it’s more than enough, and thank you!
Last note about “reconnecting”, wenj and i have also found ourselves discussing new visions and goals more and more lately. So, not wanting to get ahead of ourselves, stay safe and healthy! Just kidding! But really, thank you!!
P.S. from the bottom of our hearts, aside from helping us stay afloat, thank you really for enjoying our products and for keeping us optimistic!