How to Move On

One morning, just a few days ago, i blessed a street parking attendant with a crisp 500.00 peso bill, accidentally. Actually, PhP 505.00 to be exact. 
I had a 20 peso and a 500 peso bill each on both sides of my pocket. And just a few minutes back, i remember checking my pockets to make sure i don’t end up giving the wrong bill. Lo and behold, the great old me still managed to give the other bill. No wonder, the attendant hurriedly slid the bill into his own pocket upon receiving it. I remember seeing him do a double-take while struggling to act normal and contain his good fortune as he helped me get out of my parking. 
I obviously didn’t intend that to happen, and boy was i pissed. With myself mainly. 
Photo by Ekrulila from Pexels
Shortly, i realised, while it was such a stupid mistake, perhaps it also really wasn’t. Maybe just an after-thought, or call it wishful thinking if you want, but i’d like to think perhaps he badly needs it. Though i can never verify that now unless i go back to him which i also probably wouldn’t.
When a blunder such as that happened before, i’d be pissed with myself for a good amount of the day. But that morning, it probably took me just a few minutes. I managed to continue with what i planned for the day and if i remember correctly, it was actually a good day minus that mishap.
What changed? I starting to accept how there’s a bigger thing happening around every day and that everything happens for a reason. But on a more practical note, i believe we should also learn how to forgive ourselves. Learn to laugh about our own stupidity, and move on. That's the way to go.