How to Repay Life

When we eventually had cable TV as a kid, one channel i’d be so glued onto was National Geographic.
Recently, i relived my NatGeo watching days through YouTube and was quickly reminded why i love nature and animals. That’s because i thought animals and nature are the best harbinger of truth. It doesn’t lie, what you see is what you get, it is what it is.  Say for example, when you threaten an animal, it goes on defensive preparing to retaliate, so much so when you mess with mother nature it reacts. Both in these cases, as humans, we’re always doomed. It’s as direct and as predictable as that.
Photo by niko photos on Unsplash
The other day, i learned that there are some sea creatures who die shortly after giving birth. I immediately thought, that was it? That’s kind of unfair and up to some extent isn’t that futile? So if the sea creature chose not to give birth, it would have lived longer?
I couldn’t help but question my own belief system and how i’ve managed to use futile and life in one sentence. Because truthfully, i believe that anything that’s life giving should never be futile to a point of even when you have to lose yours. I wish there’s an easier way around it, but applying the logic of nature into the argument, it’s one of my "it is what it is".
My thought for you if i may, that in case you’re still wandering how to repay life, more than walking it and putting one foot in front of the other, that is to look for opportunities to give life. And it doesn’t always have to be reproduction, it could be as simple as sprinkling kind words to your friends and loved ones, to disciplining your dog so your neighbour don’t get pissed, to cooking yourself a meal or making an extra for someone special, or even to some who are blessed with the miracle of birth, in the end, what i really want to say is life points to life whatever it takes. 
P.S. While everything is connected - life, rebirth, life-rebirth, some things you know are just phenomenally exceptional.