How To Stop Running Around

Why is it so hard to stop running around when you’re running around like a headless chicken?
If you’re like me, it’s one of the worst feelings. You end up so drained, tired, yet feels like you’ve accomplished so little close to none. During those days, i can clearly tell i’ve been running around.
So why is it so hard to stop?
I’ve discovered 2 reasons: 
  1. We’re not aware that we're running around
  2. Running around creates an illusion of actually accomplishing something
In my case, it will take me a few days of running around before catching myself. If i’m lucky, 1-2 days. But normally, i’d only start noticing after being dead tired with nothing to show for, or downright stressed out for no apparent reason. Even worst sometimes, i’d noticed it only after i’ve fought and pissed off enough people i say i care for and love. 
On the other hand, since we feel like we’re not accomplishing anything, we are programmed to go out and try to accomplish something. To catch up, make sense of the "time loss". But try as we may, it’s already past futile. Why? Because the first worst part to hitting a goal/activity is to shoot aimlessly, and even worst than the first worst part or prior to that, is we haven’t actually set a goal in the first place. 
Photo by Luís Eusébio on Unsplash
So, i recommend this, the moment that you catch yourself running around, sit your ass down. Close your eyes, drop and relax your shoulders, and just watch your breathing. Take 5 inhales, 5 exhales. Then go run around again, but this time with a better idea of what and where you wanna go.
P.S. Harness the strength in silence