July 2023 (@yourchaiboy's Update)

July 2023 (@yourchaiboy's Update)

This "TEAm" thing is really turning out alright and it couldn't have happened at a much better time than now.

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. - Lao Tzu

It's getting busier for tea people. The market is clamoring for more tea, tea tasting, tea appreciation, and tea experiences in general. Will it just be another fad waiting to happen? Perhaps? Does it really matter? Personally, it doesn't. But I'm taking all the opportunity I can get to talk about the joy I get from drinking tea. And find kindred spirits along the way. So far, I'd say we're accomplishing just that. And of course, it's impossible not to talk about tea without ever talking about our journey in Jacob's Well Chai during these conversations.

Talking about fads and trends. More and more brands and companies are making an attempt to "humanize" themselves and we really think that's cool! And we want to do that, too! But from what we've been seeing so far, the "here's so and so, he or she does so and so" kind of bore us. So, we're still racking our brains in coming up with ways to do it differently. We're not rushing. Humanizing voices emerge, a choir of authenticity; yet we muse, crafting a different verse, with patience as our patroness.

I'm supposed to do a quick behind-the-blend blog but I still haven't figured out how I want to do that so that'll be for another blog I guess. But a teaser of what's to come (ahem teabags) might be apt or not. Segue, can you guess how the infamous Jacob's Well Chai Spiced Vanilla came about? Clue, it was made for a particular shop in...(that's it)! Stay tuned. A tale awaits, a glimpse behind the blend's curtain, where Jacob's Well Chai Spiced Vanilla took its form.

Let's have tea,
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