#loveforall Month (June)

#loveforall Month (June)

The rainbow is beautiful and i love rainbow sightings. June is a month where i see lots of rainbows. Partly due to the start of the rainy season, but also for most people, June is known nowadays as pride month. In my very little research, the LGBTQIA+ community chose the rainbow as it signifies the diversity of the community and the spectrum of human genders. As for me, it generally reminds me of 2 things.

Firstly, it reminds me of humans' collective effort of coming together for one single purpose (which almost always make me teary-eyed). Secondly, the rainbow reminds me of the ancient biblical tale about the great flood, and about God and humanity engaging in a profound conversation about the nature of promises and forgiveness. 

Bible has it that during the ancient times, it rained for 40 days and 40 nights non-stop and caused a great flood. After a great flood had swept across the earth, cleansing it of wickedness, Noah and his family found themselves aboard an ark filled with pairs of animals (better known as Noah's Ark). As the rain ceased and the waters receded, Noah and his family stepped onto dry land, their hearts filled with gratitude for their survival. It was then that God, in a gesture of everlasting love and mercy, painted a radiant rainbow across the sky.

But this was no ordinary rainbow. It wasn't merely a beautiful spectacle to marvel at; it was a reminder—a divine covenant between God and humanity. It was a symbol of hope, a promise that never again would the world be destroyed by a flood.

The rainbow reminds us that forgiveness and reconciliation are essential components of our human experience. Just as the colours of the rainbow blend harmoniously, so too can people from different backgrounds and perspectives find common ground, embracing their diversity and seeking unity.

On the other hand, we can reflect on the lessons embedded in this ancient story. It teaches us that promises hold immense power, and they must be honoured and cherished. God, in this tale, shows us that promises are not meant to bind us or limit our freedom, but rather to create a framework of trust and mutual understanding.

We are reminded to appreciate the beauty that arises from adversity, for it is often in the aftermath of storms that we discover strength and resilience within ourselves. Like Noah and his family, we can emerge from the floods of life with newfound gratitude and a deeper appreciation for the fragile balance that sustains us.

Ultimately, this tale invites us to reflect on the power of love and compassion. God's promise to humanity was an act of immense love—a gesture that acknowledged the imperfections of the world and offered a path forward. It challenges us to extend kindness and understanding to others, recognising that our shared humanity binds us together, just as the colours of the rainbow are intricately woven.

P.S. I have several LGBTQIA+ friends and people are who very close to me and i love them all just the same, if not more. I love them all enough that i'm writing this. More than June being Pride month, to me, and most importantly, it reminds me of love for all.

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