March 2024 Update

Hi everyone.

The Lord is risen!

I've been going to church more regularly again, and this time it's no longer because i have to. But fret not, this update isn't about Holy Week. I'm experimenting with this newsletter format because it feels closer to my natural voice. You might find me more personal than usual, and for that, I apologize in advance should you find it uncomfortable.

To say that March went by incredibly fast is an understatement. I've been sick and out of commission for almost 2 weeks since the start of March. It was such a nasty flu that i completely lost my sense of taste and that was really scary. You see, some time not so long ago, i was in a crossroad. The rapid growth of the company left me feeling inadequate. While still not completely resolved, i consoled myself with the fact that my sense of taste is my superpower - something i argued is exclusive to me. Which is not only ridiculous but is widely untrue, but hey it's really what my mind came up with. Stay with me for a little while here, so to lose my sense of taste permanently would not only make the world a duller place but also jeopardize my job. And I love my job! All joking aside, I earnestly hope for a full-recovery son. Thankfully, a few weeks ago, I began savoring the Masala Chai original blend once again at our cozy little temporary hideout, Testify.

Speaking of Testify, that's where it all began! The original Testify was short-lived, lasting only a year after I decided to focus more on Jacob's Well Chai. The current Testify resides in the former headquarters of Jacob's Well Chai, in a new location. It's amusing to think about the reversal of roles. Jacob's Well Chai was born out of Testify, and now the tables have turned. I assure you, I'm not being biased, but Testify is a place brimming with stories and depth, begging to be explored further. Once, someone asked me, "What's your vision for this place?" I replied, "I want it to be a haven for the curious and inquisitive." While I could conjure up more reasons to satisfy business consultants, I've shed most of that mindset since leaving the corporate world. Currently, my primary focus is on infusing bits of myself into everything I work on/ choose to spend my time on, not out of vanity, but as breadcrumbs in case i needed to help my future self navigate the strange, dark, and winding trails of depression once more.

Regarding Jacob's Well Chai, I'd love to proclaim "CHAI GAME STRONG," but in reality, Japan's matcha still reigns supreme in the Philippines. Nevertheless, tea is tea, and I adore matcha as well. So, it's still a victory! We've made some adjustments to the chai recently, which may have been noticed by some of you. A change in formulation has led to a significant increase in costs, but we're committed to holding out the fort in maintaining the current price for our loyal patrons for as long as possible. Especially for our loyal patrons.

I'd love to share more about Testify, perhaps in the April update. For now, please understand if we're still in the process of somewhat enjoying it too much for ourselves. However, if you happen to visit during non-operational hours, my wife and I will gladly welcome you as i'm always up for a nice chat. Just be aware that you might catch us closed. On a brighter note, we're becoming more active on our Instagram channels again for more real-time updates.

Slow down, play longer,

your chai boy

P.S. We miss the old Instagram. Not so much gimmicky, more of just like talking with friends.

P.P.S The cover photo of this update is from one of my most favorite photos from the same month last year in Oregon.