Our Story

How we started...

Our first product, masala chai concentrate, was born out of our love for our dad. We've been brewing and supplying our own chai since 2016.

Hi, I'm ralph, co-founder of Jacob's Well Artisanal Food Supply. Let me share with you our story.

My sister and I used to run a 3rd-wave coffee shop (Testify Coffee) below my apartment where my dad would obviously frequently hang-out. All was good except for one thing: dad doesn't drink coffee. That broke our hearts, our very own dad couldn't fully enjoy the coffee shop we've built. So immediately, as siblings-tandem, we initialized the search for "his" drink.

It was difficult as both my sister and i are fully committed to serving only what we will be proud of serving and drinking ourselves. We didn't want to sacrifice being artisanal. We've tested several beverages from tanglad iced-tea to traditional cacao but only left personally dissatisfied. Until i remembered one of my personal favorite, which is chai. However, most of the chai available in the market was a high-fructose syrup you get out of a pump. Then, like magic, we said why don't we just brew it ourselves! It was an instant hit for him and almost daily he would order for one. 

It didn't take long for other people to notice "his" drink and wanted to order for themselves. After a healthy dose of urging from one of my best friends, we included it in the menu and eventually started supplying it to local and foreign specialty coffee shops.

Today, Jacob's Well Chai has expanded to a full artisanal food supply with products like masala chai, loose-leaf tea, raw matcha, dried fruits, and raw nuts. Just recently, we've also opened a B2C (business-to-community) format which we call TeaHouse.

Through TeaHouse, we seek to know the community and the people we're serving up close and personal through our occasional tea time (tea ceremony sessions).

Both of these brands seek to foster the idea of slowing down addressing mental health. 

Through Jacob's Well Artisanal Food Supply and TeaHouse, we want to invite you to have tea with us, and slow down, eat whole, and play longer.

Let's have tea soon?