Outdoor Brewing Workshop w/ Rivers Drinkware X The Den

I forgot how much i enjoy doing small classes. Thanks to Rivers and The Den for reminding me last Saturday (Oct. 26, 2019) that sharing is beautiful.

Despite being slightly under the weather, the workshop i held for 10 people went on. The topic: brewing outdoors with Rivers Drinkware. I probably violated more than half of the "specialty coffee" brewing practice in this workshop. Hence reminding the attendees that i hope they don't expect to be the next National Coffee Brewing Champion after this. Just to set expectations.

The sharing was mainly lifted from my own outdoor brewing experience - highlighting how outdoor brewing could be a hassle and how i almost threw in the white towel by conveniently packing a 3-in-1 coffee. I almost lost the fun and quickly thought of how regretful that was. Imagine hiking all the way to the summit to get frustrated bringing all your fancy coffee brewing gear.

So i came up with a very short list on how to avoid this. Let me share this quickly in this post:

1. Keep it simple

Mainly coming from the Specialty Coffee brewing school of thought, we were taught to brew with complete brewing equipment at all times. For precision and learning purposes. This includes using a thermometer, a scale at all times. And of course, all that is necessary for coffee brewing. This sure is very ideal however, bringing all those atop the mountain might not be a very wise idea especially as most of these things could be quite costly and risk breaking them. So, keeping it simple i.e. telling the approximate temp of the boiling water by eyes could come in handy or knowing in advance the total capacity of your mug.


2. Prepare, prepare, prepare

There are probably some things you can pack ahead such as a graduated spoon, or cup that might help you do away the scale. Or just keeping all your brewing stuff in one place or knowing where you might want to pack your stuff in your backpack, at the bottom or at the top makes a lot of difference. And just when you thought you have everything, think again. It'd be heartbreaking to know you left your beans after reaching the summit.

3. Don't lose the fun

Keep the fun going, you might not have all the equipment you need, over or under extract your coffee, but that's all fine. It's the process and whom you are doing it with is the most beautiful part. For me, it was my fiance. I can even remember the feeling of sipping on our hot mugs while watching the first rays of sun parting the drape of clouds like giving way to the main act. It was beautiful. I'd say, still that was my best cup of coffee. 

And oh, as a final thought to maximize fun. Bring enough coffee for sharing with other campers. And throw your own trash. 

What's next you might ask? Ok, we'll spill, we're cooking up a real outdoor coffee & tea brewing sometime soon. Stay tuned!

Life is beautiful, slow down.