Philippine Aeropress Championship 2023

Thank you once again to Yardstick Coffee for organizing yet another fantastic Aeropress Championship event! Your continuous dedication to nurturing the Philippine Specialty coffee culture is truly commendable.

This industry holds a special place in our hearts as it played a pivotal role in the birth of Jacob's Well Chai. We are deeply grateful for the opportunities it has provided us. Witnessing the remarkable growth of specialty coffee over the years and the emergence of passionate home brewers, especially evident in this recent championship with three home brewers on the podium, is simply astounding. The future of the Philippine Specialty coffee culture shines brighter than ever.

On a different note, I'd love to know about your latest cafe discoveries. I recently had the privilege of visiting some incredible spots, including Porch Coffee, 727, Siglo Poblacion, Jungle Base, and Sage. Personally, it left me feeling a sense of nostalgia and envy, reflecting on the cherished memories associated with our old shop, Testify. It got me thinking about what it would take to recreate that intimate "tiny shop feeling" once more.