Please Be Kind

We are all fighting an uphill battle. I'd like to remind myself of this as often as i can hoping it'll make me a mellower, kinder, less critical, and a more optimistic person.
Did you know that there is such a thing as a kindness bonus? Aside from "please be kind" being a moral imperative (which by the way is), kindness is a firm building block of a productive community. When we leave opportunities for others, and make them feel seen and respected, we not only allow them to move forward with lesser friction but it also makes the journey enjoyable.
Just thinking about it makes me want to kick my feet up and daydream of a world where everybody practices kindness actively. A world where no bike ever gets stolen, or a world where a barista offers to make you another cup of coffee when your coffee turns cold. A world where nobody needs to remind anyone how pedestrians are to be treated with extra care especially in Metro Manila. A world where the term self-importance doesn't mean a thing because nobody has to fight for their place in the society. A world where people don't overuse the word community because the fact that we are all inhabitants of Earth is enough to mutually respect and adore each other for pushing our own carts uphill daily.
Now before it gets even dreamier, i just want to confess that i've been really, really critical lately - especially to myself. Please don't commit the same trap as i did, please be kind. Furthermore, something of a fair warning, i honestly don't think the world or the people around you will suddenly become more pleasant because you are being kinder because it's never the most important thing anyway.
Have an amazing, and more enjoyable weekend!
Image src: Photo by Vie Studio from Pexels: