Register and Vote

We’re gearing up for the day we can freely hang-out again at TeaHouse (home of Jacob’s Well Chai). But until then, we have to keep surviving. Hopefully the upcoming voting season will cause a positive change, but regardless of that, we have to keep doing our part and keep fighting. (Register and vote:
Just a little update.
We can’t emphasise enough how the “CQs”are hurting us in all fronts - business, and mental health-wise. I wish i can say it’s the COVID or pandemic per se, but it isn’t just that but more of the poor governance that lends itself to helplessness and hopelessness. 
I wish this newsletter was written in a better and happier tone but that would have been fake. Unlike highly curated social media feeds, Jacob’s Well isn’t really all glitter and gold. Far from it. 
What i do hope though is to encourage everyone in solidarity to help and keep each other in thought and spirit. Other people or businesses might have had it worse than we feel right now but it only goes to show that no one is exempted in this clownery. 
Let’s all do our part in spreading awareness and encouraging our circle of influence to register and vote. It might not lead us to our desired change and outcome but it doesn’t mean we should give up altogether. Learn how you can register and vote now: