See you at the PHAC 2022 (BGC Coffee Festival)

See you at the PHAC 2022 (BGC Coffee Festival)

The most awaited Philippine Aeropress Championship is happening again - LIVE!!!

We're so honored to be a part of this!

Side note: i tend to look forward to this event more than the Barista Championships, honestly. It's just more casual and less tense, but that's just us. At the same time, you also feel so much of the coffee culture during these events that even a non-coffee person i believe would enjoy!

So what's a chai company doing in a specialty coffee event? Well, our roots in the specialty coffee goes back during the time when there's still probably about 1-2 specially coffee roasters in the Philippines. In fact, one of my bestfriends, who now runs an established specialty coffee roasting company is the one who mainly encouraged me to start Jacob's Well Chai. Our first clients were mainly friends from the industry that we've developed over time. 

It is such a joy to witness this industry grow to become what is now! There are now more coffee roasters and certified Q graders that you can count! And it just keeps getting more and more exciting each year! 

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