Stop Nagging

Stop Nagging

What if sometime last year somebody told you about the pandemic and the global lockdown in advance? If you ask me, and if i’m being completely honest i’d be, “Oh yeah? Well, thanks, nice to know. Bye."

But work with me here for a moment, taking it a bit further, would you believe that person? Would you treat that person differently? Say it didn’t come true, say it did? Pause for a while here. 

I don’t know anyone who dearly appreciates unsolicited advice. Yet equally, doesn't mean because it's unsolicited it's automatically bad. Some if not most, are in actuality for our own good, though sometimes in disguise. But most of the time, who said it and how makes all the difference. I wonder how many of us were told not to eat too much junk food, don’t burn bridges, hang a little bit longer, there’s more to life than money and worldly accolades, attend church, spend some time working your faith out, and several more.

Photo by Maíra Morelle from Pexels

Personally, i’m not keen on heeding advice to a fault, i want to play my games, my rules. And worse, i’ve developed the habit of shutting people donw, especially of those whom i find a nag and downright annoying. 

But what if somebody told you that you have a purpose? A design only you can fill? That you are loved, cared for, and precious? Despite not being able to fully comprehend that, especially when weighing in past experiences, the present, and the not so bright-looking future at the moment, you know at the back of your mind it’s true. You have a purpose, a design only you can fill. You are loved, cared for, and precious. Has anybody told you that? Do you have that person in your life? Have you also shut him or her off already?

Dear, reader. While life is short, nothing is ever too late. Who is he? Who is she?

Live mindfully. Live in power, in the light, and you know you can. 
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