Tea Cheers to 2022! Happy New Year!!!

I like recording ideas regardless of what it is. My notebooks range from bike tool to pantry ingredients to quotes i like. One physical notebook each. But that was until i discovered Evernote. A cross-platform note-taking app which i've been using for about 5 years now. Until recently when it updated, it became utterly useless and annoying. It kept asking you to unsync a device or upgrade to premium. Repeatedly even after already unsyncing. Also trying to be prudent about unnecessary expenses, i first want to make sure i've exhausted the free version to the fullest. So i kept trying until it deterred me from taking down notes coupled by the fear that i won't retrieve my previous notes anymore. For some time, the bug won. Until i remembered a hack i used to do as a kid. 
I played a fair amount of video game growing up. And all my gaming consoles were hand-me downs from my cousin abroad. Safe to say that most if it are outdated, scratchy, and in a sense buggy. This led me to invent hacks just to make them work. One of which is putting a Sega Genesis cartridge in a freezer and leaving it overnight. Surprisingly, it works. Hitting the console like mad works too especially when it pauses in the middle of a splendid 4-hour video game marathon for no reason without a save-point. Long story short, in principle, all those hacks were actually meant to reboot the system (i think). Refresh. And so i tried the same thing for Evernote, uninstalled everything and now it works like charm - again! (You can tell that making it work again really made my day! And yes, writing this one from Evernote, too.)
Photo by Lisa from Pexels
Just like in life, sometimes, all we need is a little reboot. As for me, my kind of reboot is a good quiet sit down (tea highly recommended but optional). Just like the other day when i was feeling low. I felt as if my life is not moving forward. It took me a while though to remind myself to slow down, but once i did and realised what's happening, i figured i was being ungrateful and unappreciative. I was neglecting the things (the good and the bad) that are actually happening and has happened to me both in the past and in the present. Alongside that, unconsciously spending unaccounted time on social media is also one of the culprits. Upon acknowledging some of those pain points and taking the necessary action-steps, my mind became clearer again.
How do you reboot?
P.S. I don't know about you, but i get pressured with New Years. It makes me feel like there should be something "new". So when it seems like i've got nothing to show for, it weighs me down.