The 2 Values We Need to be Practicing During This Season

The 2 Values We Need to be Practicing During This Season

With so many unprecedented changes happening, it's no surprise how one can easily start feeling powerless. Out of control. Hopeless. To be honest, that's basically how i've been feeling these past few days. While still recovering, i found practicing gratefulness & mercy to be of utmost help.

Practicing gratefulness helped remind me that there is something I can control, after all, myself, and my outlook of what's happening. Being reminded of the things i can actually control makes me feel powerful.

Gratitude is a personal declaration. It is acknowledging to yourself that in spite of all these, i’m safe, fed, cared for, and alive. Because gratitude is personal, it's a decision you do yourself and for yourself. It's what we do with the information about what's happening outside.



Secondly, mercy, or learning to forgive. Still in the line of regaining power, and control, yes withholding forgiveness makes you feel powerful especially over someone who wronged you. As someone with a passive-aggressive personality, nothing beats withholding forgiveness. While i felt powerful at the moment, i'd be lying if i say i didn't feel heavy myself. Why? Because the energy it gives is of the negative nature.

Unfortunately, this energy is draining and in actuality is more of a disservice to our soul. As it is once said that unforgiveness is like a double-edged sword, in the process of hurting someone, we also hurt ourselves. 

Practice thankfulness and mercy now. Start to feel light and be the light. Because you can. And that's where the real power lies. 


P.S. Thank you. Thank you, dear reader. This post is for you. 

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