The Best Help We Can Do

Dear, Chai Lover!

A recovering Covid Patient friend from social media posted:

Dear front liner, thank you for the patience and the care you showed me for one whole month. I wish to repay your kindness and if there’s any way i can help, please let me know.

To which the medical professional briefly replied, staying home is the best help you can do.

Buzzkill? I don’t think so, just real talk.

I must confess, I haven't really been trying my best to stay home these past few days. I also confess how just like many of us, i also somewhat thought this is almost over. Unfortunately, recent development shows how we’re still very far from it.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

I know there’s tons of ways to creatively help. We can even argue several "better ways” to help. But at this point, it’s probably wiser to adhere to the advice of the people who experiences the brunt of it all: Staying home is the best help you can do.

How many times in a week did you stay home last week?



P.S. i don’t mean to be insensitive to those who really do not have a choice but go out. Paraphrasing, i think the fact that we think twice of going out and evaluating out of home activities that truly matters is a step closer to doing the best help we can.


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