The Past Few Days (May 10, 2022)

The Past Few Days (May 10, 2022)

It was a disheartening past few days for us as well. More than our candidates not winning, it is the realization how disinformation can truly be a powerful tool. 

Inasmuch as we want to be impartial of the elections, we also feel strongly to stand up for what we think is best for our country. If at some point we have invalidated anybody's opinion or unintentionally ostracized anyone during the process, we're truly sorry. 

To share a bit of our own feelings:

To be quite honest, it can get tiring to fight for someone, a cause, a group of people without truly being appreciated and much worse, you start looking like the enemy yourself. But no, we are taught to keep on fighting the good fight and treat others the way we expect to be treated. Yes, some people will gloat, and play dirty but that doesn't mean we should act the same way. At the height of it all, i must admit how I've often considered to just stay quiet, mind my own business, and prioritze my own comfort but that's not how i want Jacob's Well to be remembered. Instead, we want to be remembered as someone who tried to offer a different perspective beyond what's obvious. To remind one another that there's always hope, and to remind everyone that everyone's' feelings and opinions are welcome and valid here. Because at the end of the day, invalidating someone is also a form of oppression. 

Let's move forward and keep ourselves accountable to keep hoping for a brighter tomorrow. 


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