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Jacob's Well Chai

Tea All Day Bundle

Tea All Day Bundle

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 Looking to chai/tea all day? Then come on board!

What we like to do is make chai/lemon fruit tea in the morning using the concentrate, then make a chai using the sticky chain the afternoon!

The choice is entirely up to you! WE REALLY JUST WANT YOU TO 'CHAI!

Try these simple chai/tea recipes:

Jacob's Well Iced Lemon and Kumquat Fruit Tea using Jacob's Well Fruit Tea Lemon & Kumquat Concentrate

60mL Lemon & Kumquat (shake well before using)

120mL Filtered Water



Mix Lemon & Kumquat Concentrate, and Filtered Water. Stir. Top glass with ice, pour, and enjoy!

*optional: Lemon wheel



Jacob's Well Hot Chai Latte using Sticky Chai 

50g Sticky Chai

500mL Milk


On a saucepan/pot, heat 50g of Sticky chai. Toss together for 1 minute. Add 250mL of milk/soy, stir constantly (to avoid curdling) until boil. Lower the heat, add the rest of the milk let, stir for 3 minutes or until 2nd boil. Once 2nd boil, turn off the heat, strain and pour into the cup or your favorite chai mug, and enjoy! *optional: Garnish with cinnamon stick or star anise!


Jacob's Well Iced Chai Latte using Sweetened Chai Concentrate (violet label)

60mL Chai Concentrate (shake well before using)

140mL Milk


*optional: cinnamon powder on top


Mix Chai Concentrate, and Milk/Soy. Stir. Top glass with ice, pour, and enjoy!


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