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Jacob's Well Chai

Blend No. 3 Chamomile

Blend No. 3 Chamomile

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Great for gifting! Please let us know if you'll be needing a ribbon per box. And if you want us to write for you the "To, and From" behind the box.

About the blend:

Chamomile -The ultimate pre-nap or pre-sleep tea, evokes hilltop serenity, watching grass blades sway in the calming breeze.

Tasting notes:

Chamomile (Mellow & relaxing. Honey-like sweetness with subtle bitterness. Non-caffeinated.)

Net weight: 10 Plant-based polymer teabags


Chamomile - 98c; Steep for 3-5mins

Our story:

In 2016, a brother and sister launched a makeshift coffee shop in their apartment. What began as a simple idea to make their dad a drink and create the Philippines' first masala chai concentrate has blossomed into a cherished and trusted tea brand.

Their vision goes beyond beverages; they view tea as a tool to encourage mindfulness and raise awareness about mental health. Our dream is to cultivate and produce our own authentic Philippine tea someday. 

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