250mL Jacob's Well Chai Unsweetened
250mL Jacob's Well Chai Unsweetened
250mL Jacob's Well Chai Unsweetened
250mL Jacob's Well Chai Unsweetened
250mL Jacob's Well Chai Unsweetened

250mL Jacob's Well Chai Unsweetened

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Just like many small businesses, one of our early strategies was to join as many bazaars as we can potentially afford (which is not a lot). Partly budget constrained, we also had to man them personally. Bazaars are tiring and can be morally deflating but they gave us so many insights.  I remember in one of those bazaars, we didn't sell a cup or a bottle because the formulation contains sweetener. Little did we realize that some vegans shun away from sweeteners, too.  Frustrated, but not defeated, the unsweetened/vegan version was born. It is now the darling of vegans, diabetics, and healthy food groceries.

Hand-blended and micro-brewed to ensure freshness. No artificial preservatives added. Made from whole spices (cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, peppercorn, ginger, star anise), and Assam tea.

Shelf life: 24mos. (refrigerate upon opening)

Calories per serving: 7

Serving: Aprrox. 25-30 servings.

Instructions: Masala Chai Latte (hot/cold)

-Dose 30-50mL of Jacob's Well Chai Concentrate

-Mix with 150-200mL steamed milk or soy for hot chai latte; 

-Mix with 150-200mL frothed milk or soy for iced chai latte; 

-sit back, sip, and nurture the inner child


-Store in a cool dry place

-Keep away from direct sunlight

-Refrigerate upon opening

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*also available in 1,000mL for wholesale

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Potent as it should be

As a brand that's being used by specialty coffee shops in the metro, I expected no less from JW's masala chai. You can tell it has a deep flavor by its smell and taste, ready for complex pairings. The concentrate is just the right amount of strength and I like how fragrant it is.

It means a lot to us that you took the time to share your experience with us, aqv. We’re so happy to hear that you enjoyed your Chai. Many of our customers find it to be a favorite. Wishing you a wonderful day!

Jane B
Will order again

Tastes really good. I've been ordering from them for years already!

Jane, thank you for the great review! We count ourselves lucky for regulars like you. Chai Cheers!

Amazing tea experience

Beautiful chai! I enjoy it in the morning or mid-afternoon with a little honey. I've brought it to work as baon too! It makes for a lovely break in the middle of the morning when energy starts to dip.

Hello, Adara!

Thank you so much for taking the time to appreciate what we do at Jacob's Well Chai.

We're so thrilled of the fact that our chai seems to be powering you through your day!

Thanks again and have a great week ahead!

Rochelle Espero

Jacob's Well Chai Unsweetened 250mL

Kolleen Feria
Great for a quick cup!

I ordered a bottle of this concentrate as well as a pack of sticky masala chai. I found that I preferred the sticky masala chai because its tea flavor was stronger, but the concentrate was great for when I wanted quicker prep time or when I wanted to have my chai iced. I love that it comes with a nutrition label too!