Jacob's Well Lemon and Kumquat Concentrate

Jacob's Well Lemon and Kumquat Concentrate

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Easy to prepare and rich in antioxidants. So you can sit back, relax, and nurture the inner child.

Good for party hosting or level up your house iced-tea or soda game!

P.S. Good as cocktail mixers, too!

Flavor notes (Lemon and Kumquat):

  • Mild citrus notes with a pleasant tarty finish


  • Freshly brewed Assam Tea
  • Natural Fruit Flavouring
  • Unrefined Sugar
  • No artificial Preservatives Added

Recipe (suggested; increase/decrease dosage as preferred):

  • 1:4 ratio
  • 1L concentrate Makes 5L of Iced Tea

Dilute with mineral water/ soda water. Chill & Serve. Add ice and sweetener if needed