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Jacob's Well Chai

Jacob's Well Signature Matcha (90g)

Jacob's Well Signature Matcha (90g)

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Discover the distinct umami flavor of Japanese matcha with Jacob's Well Signature Matcha. This rich green tea powder dissolves easily for an effortless and delicious cup. Enjoy the authentic flavor of Japanese matcha crafted by experts.

We know there's already a lot of matcha out there, buy hey, it's a Jacob's Well Signature and you know you should check it out! Right?

Premium Grade - Uji Matcha

Store in a cool dry place. 

Suggested brewing (Matcha Latte):

Mix 2-3g of premium matcha to 50mL hot milk, stir until dissolved. Mix with 200mL hot or cold milk. 


Trivia: Did you know who designed our first Signature Loose-leaf tea flavors?

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