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The Past Few Days (May 10, 2022)

At the height of it all, i must admit how I've often considered to just stay quiet, mind my own business, and prioritze my own comfort but that's not how i want Jacob's Well to be remembered.

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Tea Cheers to 2022! Happy New Year!!!

Just like the other day when i was feeling low. I felt as if my life is not moving forward. It took me a while though to remind myself to slow down, but once i did and realised what's happening, i figured i was being ungrateful and unappreciative.

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From Our Little Family, Merry Christmas!

Through it all, it reminded me how growth is actually omnidirectional. It's not just only limited to moving a forward sometimes. On the other hand, this is also me reminding myself to see how stepping back is also a form of growth and a means to fortify one's self.

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