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To the Real Founder of Jacob's Well Chai

To the REAL founder of Jacob's Well Chai...Happy father's day to the real founder of Jacob's Well Chai - dad!We've been brewing masala chai concentrate since 2016; at first for our own cafe use only. It was born out of our love for our dad that got us brewing chai. And here's how our little story goes. My sister and I used to run Testify Coffee and Rare Finds (our first coffee shop) where our dad would obviously frequently hang-out. All was good except for one thing: dad drinks very little coffee and has zero appreciation for specialty coffee. That broke our hearts -partly because we feel like he couldn't fully enjoy the shop, and partly because there's nothing we could sell to him. So as brothers and...

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Our Story

We believe that life is best lived striving to know who you truly are and acting upon what you believe you are called to do and be. And oftentimes, it is best achieved by slowing down. And that's what exactly drinking tea does, at least for us.

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Flow Retreats, Burgos Park - Oct 2017

Wet and windy weekend with Flow Retreats at Burgos Park last October 2017. Thanks to all who dropped by to (say) chai with us! No upcoming events for November yet but we'll sure to keep you guys posted!  SMLXL Please contact us for directly for wholesale! See you around!   SMLXL   SMLXL

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